We cover all the points

The vehicle, its auxiliaries and connectivity, from scratch

AMR’s technology

We use the optimal traction and guidance technology for the situation. From lane guidance to visual SLAM and RTK GPS, indoors, outdoors and extreme environments, we have a solution

Durable and reliable vehicles

We fully carry out the design and dimensioning of elements. We implement all types of auxiliary stages on the vehicle itself, so that the process does not stop during transportation

Auxiliary equipment to the AMR

From the loading and unloading stations to the control web platform and gateways with SGA’s and other MES and ERP systems: the AMR is nothing without its ecosystem and that is why we cover all the auxiliaries

Our way of working the AMR

Suitability evaluation

We carry out studies to evaluate the feasibility and key parameters of the possible solution that uses AMR’s

Security evaluation

Vehicles can weigh several tons and move at significant speeds: without safety there is no project

Performance evaluation

From the first screw to the guide, the vehicle is part of a production process and must be studied for maximum uptime

The vehicle is only part of the integration

We are passionate about mobile robotics…

…and we are aware that its performance is only guaranteed if all the necessary infrastructure is at the same level: reception stations, traffic control systems, data gateways…

Vehicles that transport innovation

“ODYSSEY ROBOTICS participates in the LIFE EURO 22 program with the GleanSmart project, creating vehicles for autonomous fruit collection in the agricultural sector”

Rubén Collado

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