A single integrator for the entire value chain

We cover all points: from fieldbus to applications in SAAS model

What we offer?

Web applications

We develop platforms tailored to your processes to control communication between departments, compliance with ISO certification, production control and much more.

Fieldbus digitalization

Most of the vital data is simple: hours in operation, consumption, work status and alarms. We carry all this information from the fieldbus to the platform using connection devices.

Connectors between services

We create nodes to communicate between multiple services and teams, adapting the system so that its operation is transparent.

Updating and replacing obsolete equipment and software

We study and re-engineer obsolete equipment, without source codes or that have lost manufacturer support. We make sure you have control of your systems in every situation.

Intelligent algorithms for decision automation

We use statistical machine-learning techniques and other algorithms to automate planning, metrics, updating parameters and decision making.

Digital twin

We study your systems and generate transfer functions, simulation models and, in short, everything necessary to be able to evaluate different strategies and procedures based on consistent data.

We develop software from our experience in the industry

We know industrial problems first-hand

Not only is it very possible that we have already faced it, but we also focused from the beginning on the overall shape of the solution, offering alternatives, application flows and processes, as well as ideas based on our successful experiences.

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