We are a technology-based company that develops technology through innovation.
Our solutions share the following transversal knowledge:

We emerged from the market need for practical robotics solutions to real problems.

We will work with you in search of the best technological solution to the challenge posed in an iterative manner.

Our team

Being on the Odyssey is the adventure of facing the continuous challenges that we set ourselves and our clients, to whom we strive to deliver maximum value.

What do we do

We promote the industry developing automation solutions.

How we move forward

Creating technology from innovation.

An industrial technology company

We emerged from the market need for practical robotics solutions to real problems. For this purpose, we integrate vision and artificial intelligence systems developed in-house, electromechanical engineering and management, control, traceability and quality software.

We apply the experience of the past in the present

We were born in 2018 with the ambition of creating and exploiting solutions to logistical and/or productive problems, through methods, solutions and developments that do not have an equivalent standard in the market.



We are technology creators and have deep and multidisciplinary knowledge of automation and industrial digitalization, applying agile development methodologies to guarantee the return of innovation.

We create advanced solutions for demanding industrial needs

We have experience in the application of machine-learning, 3D vision and spectral vision in industry

We combine our mechanical design capabilities with electronics and software integration capabilities

We develop autonomous vehicles for specific applications and their ecosystem of auxiliary equipment and accessories

We develop web applications, platforms, programs and many other needs of the connected industry


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