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Frequently Asked Questions

What really is artificial intelligence?2024-03-25T20:15:00+00:00

Artificial intelligence (AI), a concept widely mentioned lately in all types of areas, is a branch of statistics whose objective is to provide solutions to problems based on the solutions that these problems have had at another time.

In this way, through an algorithm trained with an event history we can provide an answer to this problem in an automated way knowing that its solution will be similar to previous solutions. This makes it possible to automate complex systems where analytical solutions are not sufficient.

At ODYSSEY ROBOTICS we work with various types of AI and we are specialists in artificial intelligence applied to computer vision, being able to carry out inspection and observation tasks on almost any type of industrial process.

If you want to know more about how to apply it in your business, contact us.

What is computer vision?2024-03-25T20:15:11+00:00

Artificial vision (AV) is a scientific discipline that includes methods for acquiring, processing, analyzing and understanding images of the real world in order to produce numerical or symbolic information so that they can be processed by a computer. It includes all applications (industrial and non-industrial) where a combination of hardware and software allow the capture and processing of images in real time, allowing decisions to be made about what is observed.

At ODYSSEY ROBOTICS we apply artificial vision to all types of solutions for identification, inspection or analysis of products or elements.

Contact us and see how computer vision can make your business more efficient and profitable.

What is an autonomous mobile robot or AMR?2024-03-25T20:15:20+00:00

An AMR robot (Autonomous Mobile Robot) is one that has the ability to move autonomously without physical elements for its location. Its use is common in transportation tasks in production and logistics areas.

At ODYSSEY ROBOTICS we design and manufacture AMRs tailored to the needs of our clients.

Is an AGV the same as an AMR?2024-03-25T20:15:24+00:00

No, it is not the same, although they are often confused.

The AGV (Automatic Guided Vehicle) is a robotic device capable of moving on predefined paths or routes, without the necessary autonomy to determine its own route or redefine it. In addition, they navigate relying on external elements such as magnetic tapes, magnets, beacons… so they must have a predetermined one to be effective.

The AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot), on the other hand, performs free navigation without external elements, is capable of making decisions about the optimal routes at all times within the work environment and has the ability to avoid obstacles that are in its path.

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