We create advanced solutions for demanding industrial needs

We have experience in the application of machine-learning, 3D vision and spectral vision in industry

We combine our mechanical design capabilities with electronics and software integration capabilities

We develop autonomous vehicles for specific applications and their ecosystem of auxiliary equipment and accessories

We develop web applications, platforms, programs and many other needs of the connected industry

“Automation is no longer an option,
but a vital part of any industry”

Javier Martínez

We abstract the complexity of automation

Our way of facing challenges is based on three basic pillars: minimalism, constant evolution and applied knowledge.

Constant evolution

The design of a machine and its software is iterative in nature and can be perfected without limit

Minimalism as a focus

Our objective is to create value for our clients through differential functionality

Applied knowledge

We manage innovative projects step by step, minimizing and isolating risk

We manage R&D&i responsibly

Innovation is the path to greater return, efficiency and safety

As technicians, we are passionate about innovation and working to expand what we can do. As innovation managers for our clients, our priority is to ensure the compatibility of the solution with business viability.

Viability depends on risk control

  • We study the process

  • We help write project requirements

  • We specifically test the highest risk points

  • We jointly review the design proposals

  • We manufacture, assemble and deliver

  • We accompany the start-up

Our team

Integrated and multidisciplinary team

Being on the Odyssey is the adventure of facing continuous challenges that we set ourselves and that our clients pose to us, to whom we strive to deliver maximum value.

Our team is made up of technicians and engineers, bringing together all the mechanical, computer and industrial knowledge in the same technical office.

We have extensive experience in the design, manufacturing and assembly of industrial solutions, as well as in project management.


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